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Conserveira de Lisboa is located in Lisbon’s downtown and it remains true to its principles: it is a credible bridge between production and clients. It maintains the essence of the traditional trade, optimizing it’s products to suit its costumers; preserving a personalized service for everyone (producers, costumers, distributors); fighting for the family business and for the business to stay in the family; an everyday effort to preserve the registration of its 3 brands – Tricana, Minor and Prata do Mar – and the brand’s copyrights; finally, being a true traditional store.

Conserveira de Lisboa

80th anniversary celebration →

2010 was the year that Conserveira de Lisboa celebrated its 80 years. The retrospective leaves us a nostalgic feeling of having celebrated this anniversary in the best company. The store welcomed new products, new costumers, music and people from always with whom we wish to celebrate the upcoming birthdays.

Redesign →

Changing makes part of Conserveira de Lisboa, but we made an option to do it in a coherent way, acting upon our history and philosophy. For that to happen, we have created a partnership with the designers collective we are boq. The aim was to update the image reusing the first graphic images of the products.

Lula Pena em Tinta com Melodia →

An invitation made by Conserveira de Lisboa to the musician Lula Pena took shape (Lula means squid and it is also the name of the singer). Blessed the original idea, born in the best place to be conceived, meaning, at the table. Then she comes, a canned music box or a box with canned music…?

New products →

2010 was an ideal year to launch new products, in a tasty celebration of our 80th anniversary. We made new recipes, new sizes and some experiences to enlarge our range of products, and to show that even when you reach a certain age, you can always innovate.

Facebook updates →